No I Can't Go to Sleep

I don't have time to sleep
Seconds click away noiselessly
Sky lightens
My eyelids droop
The post stubbornly unwritten
despite the 30 minutes of web
surfing for "inspiration".

My flight in a week is unbooked
This poem is unfinished
I should call my mum
I would love to go to sleep
But I can't

Rolling is the best time

I recommend
Skateboarding drunk
Down a big, lazy hill

Take long, careless turns
Make short frenetic ones
Soak up the joy
Of each shift of the body
Revel in the confidence that
Breeds nourished by experience and inhibition

Lean into the turns you wouldn't take
Because you are skating on clouds
You are impressive you are the coolest
You are the skater that everyone watching, they are watching, wants to be, fuck, get high with, photograph, get coffee with, grab spotify playlists from, make graffiti art about
You are flying
You are plowing the night air
You are weaving ripples of good vibes behind you
And you are