The snake slithered by. They weren't afraid per se, merely wary of the distant two-legged terrors. Kookaburras, quolls, other snakes, they could handle. Something about the pounding footsteps of the upright ones made the snake's scales sit uncomfortably, wondering if they were coming to interrupt the snake's sunbath, so the snake moved on. The drought-scoured land grated on their body winding through the yellowed grass.

If I drink too much on a night out, I am not able to remember everything that happened the next day. Depending on the circumstances I could remember all but the smaller details, or it could only be bits of this and that. My friends and I will attempt to cram the jigsaw pieces together no matter how well they actually fit together, though it hasn't mattered much so far. I have been lucky enough not to have anything bad happen to me when I can't remember, and

Fragments. Shards. What funny words to apply to memories. The sentinment implied is that a whole has been broken up but we have some precious pieces of it. That we can remake and re-remember the whole, that the whole ever existed. A continuous, perfect replay of the truth which definitely happened.

In the novel A Brief History of Seven Killings, the author Marlon James uses a wide variety of characters and narrative viewpoints to tell the stories. Each character has their own written style and even language, making the plot of the first half of the book feel jerky, and even disjointed (the writing is brilliant, I'm just trying to describe the style the author was giving it). The second half of the book has a long narrative that puts together much of events from the first half into a unified timeline, a basic Truth for the reader. Even so, many of the loose ends are not sewn up even if the narrative hints at conclusions. The fragments pave the main road of the plot, but leave the side streets unsealed, vague signposts leaving much to the imagination. I think when I started this paragraph I knew where I was going with this, and now...

I wonder if my hard drive is fragmented? Since I use a filesystem on Linux called BtrFS, I'll call btrfs scrub start / to defragment it. I really need to develop a proper backup solution before my inevitable data catastrophe. Neat, also just stopped in the middle of this paragraph to figure out what was wrong with my photo backup server, turns out rebooting it somehow fixed the problem. I have a fragmented understanding of how that system works even at a high level overview, so I'm very happy I didn't have to dig into the bowels. Next project will definitely

PS yes I have watched Steven Universe and yes I love it and yes I probably will make a post about it