Here's a (very) small cut of a piece I just started to work on. It's called If Ye Love Me, composed by The One and Only Thomas Tallis (TOOTT, as he's known). I was bored tonight, and so I started working lightly on this wonderful piece. I first sang this in my very good friend John Verkuilen's senior recital, and it is such a simple and beautful piece that I sing the bass part to myself from time to time, so I figured it would be a good choice for a project. Note: this is a very rough cut with no editing. It is not even close to done. Just wanted to share it because I got excited that I got somewhat close to what I want in the first 10 seconds.

I actually spent about an hour making this 12 second clip, partly to learn the other voice parts, but mostly because the third bass note kept sounding flat against the tenor and then the combined tenor and soprano. It wasn't until I added the alto line that the bass line sounded in tune, and as I looked at the score I realized I should have understood this a lot sooner. On the third note of the piece, the tenor and soprano are in an open fifth and octave above the bass note, so there was no way I was going to make the low note sound in tune. When the alto third is added, the chord suddenly has body and the bass note miraculously sounds more in tune. See directly below for what I'm blathering on about.

Here's the clip in all it's miniature glory (complete with large breath in the beginning):

Also here's an extra piece I made a while ago, just because I love the sound of it: